What We Do


Every day we meet with ambitious and growth-oriented business leaders that know they are leaving money on the table and are looking for solutions. In today’s competitive market, it takes the perfect approach to launch new products and develop new markets or programs with the right speed. Leaders need to be able to execute this process with the least amount of risk. That’s where Michael Alan Studios comes in.

We are the experts in synergizing art and science—finding the right insights and matching them with creative solutions. We create meaningful and profitable products and programs from concept through launch and conduct the upfront analysis while speeding up your time to market.

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Growth Strategy

Developing a growth strategy can be intense and time-consuming, yet we don’t always have the luxury of time. Companies and leaders are faced with the pressure of constantly needing to grow. Combine that with quickly shifting consumer preferences and decreasing brand loyalty, no wonder brands are struggling to keep up. Understanding these conditions and what’s needed to progress is where where Michael Alan Studios excels. Working together on a comprehensive growth strategy is what brings all of our strengths to bear.

Our unique and proven approach starts with taking your data and insights and transforming them into relevant, usable information. At the same time, we’ll dive into your current customer needs, brand promise, products and services, distribution, supply chain capabilities, and business goals. We then use our 60+ years of experience and insights to develop clear, realistic, and tangible growth strategies to execute with or for you.

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Sales and Retail Analysis

Looking to learn more about what your data is telling you? Whether you have retail or product sales data, we can digest and transform it into meaningful insights. It’s not enough to look at marketing and consumer feedback to make decisions. We help you take the emotion out and see what the numbers are saying.

Who is looking at your category and subcategory sales data?
Are they looking at your stock to sales ratios? SKU productivity? Contribution margin?

We’ll start by asking the right questions.  

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Merchandising and Product Strategy

Merchandising | The ultimate blend of art and science, we bring an innovative and effective approach to merchandising.  We focus on coordinating how all of the pieces in your program will work as one ecosystem. Some of our merchandising services include:

  • Analyzing the breadth of the program in terms of style, color, SKU’s, and categorization.

  • Balancing the program with key items, top colors, categorizations, and loss leaders.

  • Envisioning how the program will look in a retail space—brick and mortar being the touchstone—and how pieces will merchandise together.

  • Mapping out colors, styles, and deliveries for each season to ensure you’re building your brand and driving consumer engagement.

  • Analyzing and revising current merchandising to deliver greater growth.

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Product and Program Design and Development |
We help you tackle a broad range of design and development needs, all informed by meaningful insights derived from data you already have. Areas include:

  • Channel development: brick and mortar/online, maximizing your offering and supply chain

  • Omni channel program: how to build your online and direct to consumer presence with the right products and programs

  • Color palette strategy

  • Illustrations

  • Material selections

  • Design engineering

  • CAD’s

  • Supplier identification

  • Supply chain management

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Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing (Outsourced or Optimization) | Michael Alan Studios offers full-service, high-quality, and reliable private label manufacturing to help your business successfully make and distribute sustainable products. We provide:

  • Pre-production, garment fit and construction: finalizing fit and patterns, grading, and marking

  • Material sourcing and ordering: fabrics, trim, embellishments, and more

  • Production sourcing and oversight: domestic and overseas printing, dying, washing, cutting rooms, and sewing

  • Quality control and packaging

  • Distribution, warehousing, and shipping

When we choose to work with a factory or manufacturer, we take the time to build personal relationships with the owners. In fact, many of our clients have very specific audit and compliance standards that must be met and we aim to pass 100% on the very first audit. We aim to improve the social, economic, and environmental circumstances in the communities in which we do business.

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Inventory Management (Including Purchasing and Planning) | Proper inventory management is an essential element of a successful brand. Inventory has a huge effect on cash flow, sales, and optimizing growth. It doesn’t need to be a black hole. With or without demand planning software, our team can help you establish purchasing, planning, and inventory management best practices. Do you have the right goods to meet your growth projections? Having product is important, but we’ll help ensure you have the product that your existing or new customers want.  

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Training and Education

Helping our clients increase their in-house capabilities is one of our top priorities. Led by Michael Lewis, our team has developed training and mentoring programs for dozens of retailers and brands. We believe that retailers and brands must build the competencies necessary to deliver sustainable growth.

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