A fast fashion apparel and accessory manufacturer.

Challenge: Our client was experiencing cash flow issues and unhappy customers due to lower than optimal fill rate, yet high inventory levels. Dealing with rapidly changing consumer preferences and a slow to market supply chain, the client was pressed to find and develop lasting solutions. Michael Alan Studios worked with the client for five months to institute best practices, and train the team on proper inventory forecasting (including trend analysis and production management) to maximize inventory and cash flow.

Result: Fill rate increased from 82% to 97% within five months while maintaining similar inventory levels and captured ~$500,000 of lost sales.


A health and beauty brand distributing primarily direct to consumer.

Challenge: Our client was struggling to optimize inventory and maintain cash flow levels. Michael Alan Studios partnered with the client to analyze sell thru and velocity sales data along with market trends and consumer feedback to surface opportunity.  

Result: Michael Alan Studios identified an underutilized product that after cutting two colors and adding a mold became the #1 seller in the category, lifting sales by 40% while reducing COGS by 6%. Michael Alan Studios led the forecasting, scheduling, and production of the #1 selling item which then grew from 680,000 to 1+MM units annually with proper production planning.


A category captain across the globe working with a US-based national retail sporting goods chain.

Challenge: Our client was struggling to ensure inventory levels across retail tiers were maximized and the planograms were appropriate according to retail sales and macro trends.

Result: Michael Alan Studios successfully led the inventory, purchasing, planning, and line merchandising from $12MM to $27MM in revenue in three years. Client achieved inventory turn goals of 3.2. Cash flow maximized by developing and instituting forecasting and trend analysis practices and tools.