What We Do




Growth Strategy

Developing a growth strategy can be intense and time-consuming, yet we don’t always have the luxury of time. Companies and leaders are faced with the pressure of constantly needing to grow. Working together on a comprehensive growth strategy is what brings all of our strengths to bear.

Sales and Retail Analysis

Looking to learn more about what your data is telling you? Whether you have retail or product sales data, we can digest and transform it into meaningful insights. It’s not enough to look at marketing and consumer feedback to make decisions. We help you take the emotion out and see what the numbers are saying.

Merchandising and Product Strategy

The ultimate blend of art and science, we bring an innovative and effective approach to merchandising.  We focus on coordinating how all of the pieces in your program will work as one ecosystem.

Supply Chain Management

Michael Alan Studios offers full-service, high-quality, and reliable private label manufacturing to help your business successfully make and distribute sustainable products. With or without demand planning software, our team can help you establish purchasing, planning, and inventory management best practices.

Training and Education

Helping our clients increase their in-house capabilities is one of our top priorities. Led by Michael Lewis, our team has developed training and mentoring programs for dozens of retailers and brands. We believe that retailers and brands must build the competencies necessary to deliver sustainable growth.



How We Work


Analyze, Evaluate, and Contextualize


Identify Opportunities and Ideate


Execute, Measure, and Educate

We take the time to gather and understand your business insights, data, and capabilities before devising a growth strategy. What works for some brands or retailers may not work for you. While each engagement is unique, we have developed a tried and true process that has now helped hundreds of clients drive exponential growth.



Who We’ve Worked With

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.
— Benjamin Franklin



We are a socially and environmentally responsible organization. Our team is dedicated to working with manufacturers, mills and companies that are conscious of the effects we have on our communities, people, and planet.

When possible, we build and manage a local supply chain in order to have the lowest possible environmental impact and the greatest possible transparency. We aim to protect our limited natural resources and make products that last.