A well-known and widely-distributed apparel manufacturer with multiple brands.

Challenge: Seeking new growth and expanded distribution while appropriately expanding from and leveraging current brand equity and portfolio. Michael Alan Studios identified opportunities through retail, product, trend, and market analysis and then designed, developed, manufactured, and launched a new premium, made in the USA sleepwear brand for Holiday 2018 season. Analysis to launch was 150 days.    

Result: 68% sell-thru in first 30 days on the shelf.


A leading direct-to-consumer sheet and bedding manufacturer.

Challenge: This brand has a strong consumer following in one product category, but did not realize the opportunity to leverage current brand equity into new, relevant and profitable product offerings that resonate with the consumer. MA Studios analyzed market and sales data, envisioned, designed, developed, and manufactured a private label, sustainably-sourced ECO sleepwear program.

Result: A 25,000 unit first run will be launching holiday 2019.



A legacy consumer products company with traditional brick and mortar distribution.

Challenge: Our client, a legacy consumer brand, was struggling with stagnant growth in traditional distribution channels and looking to launch a re-brand through e-commerce. Michael Alan Studios worked closely with the team to analyze consumer and retail data, to develop an on-line product offerings that builds direct to consumer connection.

Results: Sales results are beating plan and consumer engagement is up over 300%.


A US-based national lifestyle brand immersed in the skate, surf, and alternative lifestyle.

Challenge: Client was stuck with higher than necessary inventory levels which stifled cash flow and hindered their ability to re-invest in new product creation. Direct sales were stagnant, yet love for the brand was relevant. The leadership was caught between the need to develop new compelling and relevant products and programs but manage resources. Michael Alan Studios partnered with the client to work on existing inventory opportunities that not only freed up cash flow, but maximized fill-in rate, which allowed resources to be put to work to create new products/programs.

Result: Created and executed seven new complementary product categories that that increased top line sales by 20+% in year one. Boosted GM by 300bps, and maintained pre-existing inventory levels to maximize cash flow, resulting in four new major retail partners.



A notable US-based apparel manufacturer with 48 licenses, 9 brands, and distribution in thousands of outlets.

Challenge: Our client needed to develop compelling and relevant products and programs across the license portfolio while upgrading current supply chain and adding new capabilities. Michael Alan Studios was able to develop fresh creative vision to over 48 licensed property programs spanning NBA, NCAA, Universal, Star Wars, Nickelodeon, RRHOF, Peanuts, Nasa, Foo Fighters, and The Grateful Dead, amongst others.  

Result: Client delivered eight figure top-line incremental growth in license properties over 12 months.



A lifestyle apparel manufacturer working with specialty and big box retailers in 20+ countries.

Challenge: Our client was struggling with stagnant growth and meeting retailer timelines and needs. Michael Alan Studios worked closely with the client to develop and institute the first ever 18 month collaborative go-to-market process.

Result: Developed a robust three-year product pipeline. Restructured and matched talent to task increasing workplace happiness. Identified redundancies, leading to a 20% cost savings in the first year.   



A brand and manufacturer of mid- to high-end lounge wear with distribution of 20,000+ US/Can


Challenge: Client was experiencing margin and category compression as retailers migrate toward in-house brands. With a need to create fresh, compelling new programs, Michael Alan Studios quickly analyzed sales and macro trends to develop new programs that re-positioned the client’s brands at retail.  

Result: A 97% sell-thru before markdown for nationwide 1,800 store Halloween program. Grew a $8MM holiday loungewear business by 50% year-over-year. Conceptualized, created, and launched a kids apparel program that re-opened a major account valued at $5+MM annually.